Hong Kong Stationery Finds + Mini Shopping Guide

I’m guessing your reading this post because you are totally and utterly addicted to stationery like I am! .. You’re in luck, because I have a juicy post for you! All about my Hong Kong stationery finds from my work trip a couple months ago. I’ll also be sharing some of the shops I visited to find all these cute stationery beauties!


Hong Kong Stationery Finds



This was hard to resist… so I just didn’t! A white plaster frenchie, sitting up holding a bouquet of flowers with a spot carved out just for your pen to sit. In the store, FrancFranc they displayed them with these gorgeous feather pens, and I knew right there that it had to be on my desk at home! They also had an adorable rabbit, kitten and mermaid shells too.

2. BIG GOLD FEATHER PEN / Shop: FrancFranc

This beautiful pen is not a quill! It’s actually a ball point pen which makes it so much more functional. I love that the barrel is gold with a small crown at the join where the feather meets, very cute! I chose the purple colour way, but they also had white and natural-look feathers.


Umm.. have you noticed the trend yet? Hong Kong loves adorable animal themed stationery and so do I! So naturally I couldn’t leave this cute dachshund printed pen on the shelf. The brand has a very delicate and distinctive style with many cute prints from apples to ditsy florals.

4. SQUISHY POLAR BEAR PEN / Shop: Ocean Park

This one was my souvenir from visiting Ocean Park in Hong Kong. I figured the squishy eyes might be stress relieving while at my desk and it’s a just a little quirky.

5. SILICONE BOOK BANDS / Brand: Punilabo / Shop: LogOn

These are genius idea! I can’t believe I havn’t seen them before. You stretch them around your journal and place pens into the silicone pocket. Not only does it keep your journal together but it also means you don’t loose your pens moving from meeting to meeting. I bought both the black cat and grey cat. There is also a range of matching silicone pencil cases!

6. HK WASHI TAPE / Shop: LogOn

I bought these washi tapes because they were Hong Kong themed, making them the perfect addition to my travel journal. I bought all three HK designs – Chinese characters, foods and traditions.

7. MIDORI TRAVELERS’ JOURNAL KIT / Brand: Midori / Shop: LogOn

This was my favourite stationery find from Hong Kong and I can’t believe that I didn’t know about this product earlier! I bought it on the last day of my travels and started journaling in the hotel that night! The great thing about the Midori Travelers Journal is that it’s specifically designed to to the size of a travel wallet and you are able to easily take out one journal from the cover and add in a refill notebook once you have finished one.

8. MIDORI REFILL BOOK + ZIP POCKET / Brand: Midori / Shop: LogOn

Because I hadn’t seen this product frequently in Australia, I decided to buy the refill journal and plastic pocket accessory just in case! I know I’ll be using the refill on my upcoming travels and the plastic pocket will come in handy for placing my stickers, tape and things I find to put in the journal along the way!

9. PLANE STAMPING PEN / Brand: Pilot / Shop: LogOn

Pilot has a range of these little stamp markers which are great for adding quick details to journaling pages. I bought the air plane stamp but they also have little animals, paw prints and icons.


Speech bubble stickers are always useful! These ones had pretty gold foiling around the edges and made great writing spaces in my travelers notebook.


Mini Hong Kong

Stationery Shopping Guide



Log-On is like Hong Kong’s Stationery and Quirky Gift super store. It has sections for novelty products, beauty, stationery, tech bags, instax cameras and accessories, puzzles and kitchy gifts. What I love is the huge range of journals and pens available, with the whole set-up for the Midori Travelers Notebook including examples and samples to try! Multiple stores, check out the location below or link above for more stores.

Location: Gateway Arcade Level 3, Shop 3202, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

Opening Hours:

Sun – Thur 10:00am – 10:00pm

Fri – Sat 10:00am – 10:30pm


This is a gorgeous brand with a focus on innovative homewares, decor, beautiful textiles, table and kitchenware and also beauty accessories. I love the unique section of stationery that crossed into being decorator pieces. This is where I found my little french bulldog! They have multiple stores across Hong Kong, see the one I visited below.

Location: Shop 101-102, iSQUARE, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thur 11am to 10pm
Fri – Sat     11am to 10.30pm


Named Hong Kong’s Art Mall, this one has a special permanent section for independent designers, selling hand-made items. It also has a section dedicated to designers creating sustainable products and environmentally innovative brands. What I love is the flow of art installations through the centre, so there is plenty to look at and be inspired by without spending a cent!

Location: 18 Hanoi Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:

Sun-Sat 10am – 10pm

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I hope you enjoyed this little hop around the globe with some Stationery love! Have you visited Hong Kong? Have any other amazing stores that could be added to the shopping guide? I would love for you to comment with them below and let me know!