How Can Travel Improve my Creativity?

Feeling a little stuck creatively lately? Like you might be in a creative rut or low? Traveling is said to one of the top ‘creativity boosters’ out there! But don’t be turned away because ‘you can’t afford to travel’, I’ve listed some easy and affordable ways that you can still use the adventure of travel to improve your creativity.

TAKE A ROAD TRIP – Let the mind wander

Going on long road trips could be the answer to more innovative thoughts. Driving on an empty highway can allow the mind to wander and this is when you can have the best ideas! Original ideas need a clear mind or ‘quiet pathway’ to emerge, and driving can be a good time for you brain to be processing the information you have been consuming during the day, analyzing it and clearing thought pathways. So block out a Sunday afternoon and take to the open road!

how to improve creativity road trip

GO ON A HIKE – Get out in nature

Getting out into nature makes us fill grounded and reconnected with what is important. The fresh air will help clear your mind and press ‘reset’ on the day. It has been scientifically proven that being out in nature leads to better creative thinking, so schedule an outdoor walk or mediation into the week to take advance of nature’s gifts!

how to improve creativity

TRAVEL OVERSEAS – Learn from different cultures

The best way to come up with new ideas is to see new things! Traveling overseas to a different country with a different culture to your own, can open your mind up and allow you to see things from a fresh perspective. When you are traveling, be mindful of being in the moment and appreciating where you are. Admire the small details of a place, notice the colours and the take in the atmospheric vibes. Note down these characteristics and observations into a travel journal or art journal to refer back to when you are home.

how to improve creativity

LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE – Try something new

It’s a good idea to learn some words and phrases before you travel to a new country with a different language. When you learn something new like a language, you challenge the brain! Challenging ourselves to learn new things boosts our creativity, as we are putting ourselves out of our ‘comfort zone’ and making our brain ‘think’ and develop further. Creativity is all about thinking ‘outside the box’, so regularly challenging our brains makes this easier to do.

how to improve creativity

SNAP SOME PHOTOS – Learn Travel Photography

Travel photography can be an amazing creative outlet while traveling. Find small areas of detail, scenes that show the culture, the expansive landscape, or colour palette. Playing with the art of travel photography will improve your skills in composition, eye for detail and expand your thinking. When you are home, use the photos you’ve taken to create a photo book, collage keepsake or travel journal for all the memories.

Travel is an amazing experience for creativity, whether it’s overseas, local, experienced through nature or learning about a new culture. Any activity that assists you to challenge the brain, move out of your comfort zone and learn something new will contribute to your growing creativity. Happy Travels!

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