Melbourne’s Best Sunday Walk

Having now lived in the Melbourne CBD for nearly three years, I’ve come to enjoy a scenic walk around one of Melbourne’s favourite lakes every Sunday afternoon. There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air to end the weekend and clear the mind before the busy week ahead.

Read on for more details about the famous Albert Park Lake and the many activities there are to enjoy around this inner city pool of nature.

You may have heard of the icon Melbourne black swans, well this is the place to see them! Something similar to the scene out of The Notebook, where Ally and Noah row a boat through a whimsical lake full of swimming swans, can be seen at Albert Park. Spring time (Feb-April) is the best time to see the swans, as the fluffy grey goslings are found taking their first paddle with mum. There is an abundance of bird life all around the lake and park including ducks, cockatoos, galahs and even storks, so much so that bird watching is a popular past time in the area.

12 Activities to Enjoy at Albert Park:

  1. Walking the 5km track around Albert Park Lake
  2. Bird and Wildlife watching
  3. Admiring the best skyline view in Melbourne
  4. Enjoy swimming at the Melbourne Aquatic Leisure Centre
  5. Take a Sailing lesson with one of the many sailing clubs
  6. Have a BBQ with family or friends using the public BBQ facilities
  7. Let the kids run around the many kids playground situated around the park
  8. Take your workout outdoors using the fitness stations around the lake
  9. Round up the Team for some friendly team sports on the soccer field or Basketball Courts
  10. Admire the black swans swimming with their goslings
  11. Play a spot of golf on the famous Albert Park Golf Course
  12. Walk the Melbourne Formula One Race track


If you want to see Melbourne’s ever evolving skyline, there’s no place like the view over the lake, especially if you have the chance to see it at night.

Around the lake there is a 5km walking track and outside gym stations for those who love walking or fitness. People are often seen walking socially on the weekends, mornings and into the weekday evenings. Albert Park is also host to a number of sporting venues including the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre and a popular golf course. The road around the lake is also home to the Melbourne Grand Prix formula one race, every year in March.

On top of all the above things to do, there are also recreational areas with pergolas, barbeque areas and function venues with stunning views of the lake and city.

So next time you are in around Melbourne, why not hop on a Tram straight down Clarendon St (12/96/109 Tram, only 10mins from the CBD) to Albert Park and check out what this stunning city park has to offer.