Illustration Series: From Paris With Love

This cold Melbourne weather has me reminiscing about my time spent in Paris a couple of years ago during their Spring. It’s a beautiful time of year to visit, when the sun is out, the flowers around Champ de Mars are blooming and the city has a sentimental buzz about it.

On my travels I scribbled some of Paris’ most iconic sites, which you can take a peek at below. I then overlayed some of my watercolour paintings in Photoshop to create these cute prints. I also worked on combining these elements into different repeat patterns and placement prints.

“From Paris With Love” illustration Collection:

‘From Paris with Love’ by Jazmine Bradley, Pen Drawings with overlayed vector fills and transparencies made into a repeating pattern

‘Paris is Always A Good Idea’ Art Print by Jazmine Bradley, Pen Drawings overlayed on Textural background with vector transparencies.


Oh La La! Let me know what illustration techniques you would like to learn about in the comments and I’ll put it on my vlogging to-do list!

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