Pretty Locations in Prague to Sketch

Prague is arguably one of the prettiest cities in Europe (in my opinion) and that makes for a beautiful afternoon of sketching! The only problem with Prague being so pretty, is that it can become very crowded during the day in the warmer months, which makes finding peace and quiet very difficult. That’s why I’ve listed below for you, some of the most pretty (and peaceful) places to sketch, have a picnic or relax in Prague.

Pretty Locations in Prague to Sketch

1. Manes Bridge (MΓ‘nesΕ―v most)

This is the bridge to be at if you want a great view of the Charles Bridge and the Old Town buildings in the background, with as little people around you as possible. You also have a nice view of the Castle, possibly in even more detail than on Charles Bridge. Both Charles Bridge and Legion Bridge are extremely crowded most days in the summer and this makes it difficult to take both photos and sketches. Take a walk on Manes bridge any time of the day and you’ll feel less overwhelmed by the people.

Pretty Locations in Prague Manes Bridge
Manes Bridge // Pretty Locations in Prague

2. By the Rivers Edge at Park Cihelna

Follow the Manes Bridge from Old Town to the end and then head down the little pathway to the left. This will take you down to the rivers edge where you’ll see the boat hire places and the white swans swimming about. In the morning and afternoons, this can be a nice place to sit showing an angled, but closer view of Charles Bridge and Old Town. It’s also a bit cooler by the river with some shady trees to settle under.

Pretty Locations in Prague River Side

3. Petrin Hill

Generally wherever there is a hill to climb in a city or a park, there will automatically be less people. Petrin Hill is over the river on the castle side and has exceptional views of the Prague Old Town. You can ride the fenicular trolley up and down (however there will probably be a long line and wait as it moves slowly) or you can walk up the hill in around 20minutes. The best views are actually only half way up! If you walk all the way to the top where the tower is, you can’t actually see any view unless you go up the tower.

Pretty Locations in Prague Petrin Hill

Pretty Locations in Prague
Petrin Hill // Pretty Locations in Prague

4. Garden at the John Lennon Wall

After looking at the Lennon Wall, go through the archway at end and you’ll find the most peaceful garden next to a boutique design store. There are deck chairs with artist quotes on them, small lounge areas in the corners and a big shady tree. Most people don’t even know the garden is there, or only stay for a few minutes. Find a peaceful corner and take some time out from the busy sight-seeing day.

5. Starbucks in Prague Castle

Normally, I wouldn’t endorse Starbucks (being a coffee snob from Melbourne, Australia), but the Starbucks at Prague Castle has a monumental view that looks over the cute red roofs of the old town. Why not stay a while and admire the view while sipping on an iced latte and sketching.

Pretty Locations in Prague Prague Castle

Pretty Locations in Prague Castle
Prague Castle Balcony // Pretty Locations in Prague

6. Kampa Area and Island Gardens

Situated along the river, Kampa Island and the lush surrounding park area is a lovely place for a picnic. The surrounding streets also have cute cafes, traditional czech bakeries and some darn cute houses to sketch down.

7. Wallenstein Garden

This 17th-Century garden is tucked away behind fortress walls in the Senate Palace. It’s free to enter but the actual entrances to the garden can be hard to find. There are plenty of benches and area to sit, with a peaceful atmosphere, you can sit by the water fountains and enjoy watching the garden peacocks roam around.

Pretty Locations in Prague Wallenstein Gardens
Wallenstein Gardens // Pretty Locations in Prague

8. Shooters Island

This is a small island in the centre of the Vltava river, nestled under the Legion Bridge. It is actually where you can hire boats and paddle boards to use down the river, but it also has a playground and some nice sitting areas.

pretty locations in Prague Shooters Island
Shooters Island // Pretty Locations in Prague // Image via Inspirock

9. The Metronome

Another hill to climb! The stairs to the Metronome are worth it for the view of all the bridges lined up down the Vltava river. There are gardens behind the metronome where you can sit and sketch after capturing the view, as sitting around the metronome isn’t that nice at all. There is graffiti and often lots of rubbish around.

Pretty Locations in Prague Metronome

Metronome Pretty Locations in Prague
The Metronome // Pretty Locations in Prague

10. Along the River Front

There are many benches positioned along the shady river front, with plenty of room to pull out the art supplies and sketch. However, it does become a little louder in these areas as many tourists are moving past. For more peace and quiet try sitting towards Manes Bridge and away from Charles Bridge entrance.

If you ever find yourself in the quintessential european town of Prague, be sure to visit some of these pretty views and secret gardens with your sketchbook or easel!

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