Why I Started Blogging

Before I write more of a personal post on why I started blogging, I would first like to say a thank you for stumbling across this post and actually reading it.. (hopefully to the end) as I believe it is a huge step for me creatively and personally as an artist and a teacher in this world. To be honest it took me a while to write this post and make sure it expressed the exact things I wanted it to, honestly and to the point .

I’m a big believer that everyone has a full potential out there, that should and can be reached through exploration, hard work and taking some scary but defining leaps of faith. Dear Diary Design the brand, has been building up for years in the background of my life, kind of forming as I realise who I am, what I want to stand for and what I love doing. Even the name is a representation of what I have always been interested in, it formed organically when thinking about my on-going love of journaling, blogging and documenting though craft, the need to physically create keepsakes and displays of memories, rather than have everything stored digitally.

Dear Diary Design Why I Started Blogging

Those closest to me know that I have a ‘habit’ (well, they call it a habit, I call it a strength, and you might very well have this strength too!) of making my life run at a ‘hyper pace’, never stopping growth, never stopping learning or excelling further than what is required, never saying ‘no’ to the right opportunities, always seeking to do the things I love, to chase dreams and always adding more lines to my list of life goals and bucket lists. (That’s why I have endless wanderlust-seeking dreams!)

My aim for the refreshed Dear Diary Design is to nurture the inspiring, creative, motivated and determined community I have always wanted to build around all the things I love to do – Textile Design, Illustration, Inspirational Findings, Journalling, Blogging, Traveling, Tutorials and Crafting, and to have a platform where I can share my professional knowledge, my creative experiments and inspiration from around the world.

Dear Diary Design Why I Started Blogging

I was recently sifting through some old artwork and creations from when I was little (as my mum is moving from the family home, I had to look through about 10kgs of paper and artwork and make some of it disappear…just hope that your kid doesn’t become an artist or a crafter… or be prepared to give them three rooms, as my amazing mum did, to work and store all my art and craft stuff!), and I found that I had drawn and imagined many little books (or what we would now call zines or e-books) about all kinds of topics, from my own bed linen and shoe catalogues, to a manual on how to fix a dog’s broken leg (yeah, don’t know where that one came from haha!), how to use fitness equipment, stories in fantasy places, stories around the world, many different versions of the “When I grow up” story (one claiming I wanted to be ‘a dolphin’ and another as ‘Minnie Mouse…ummm okay then).

I know that many kids go through this phase, but the funny thing was that my mum could actually see me being most of these things with the skills I was forming (not to be self-centered… the point is coming soon promise). My mum told me she always thought I was going to be a writer and publish a book, or a teacher, definatley something to with art, an illustrator or a graphic designer, maybe have my own shop or business and no matter what, would always be creating things and sharing them with the world.

And that’s exactly all the things I want to be now too and Dear Diary Design is going to make it happen. It gives me a constant reason to step closer to all my goals.

I don’t believe someone has to choose just one career path or ‘person’ to be, because if you are meant to be more, do more, be more than one professional, chase many goals at a time, to reach your full potential, then that’s what you need to do and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s a bad habit!

Dear Diary Design Why I Started Blogging

So, if you want to follow me on my inspo-seeking tour + Blogging Adventures over the coming months, years, then follow DearDiaryDesign!

Let’s be Creative + Adventurous Everyday… together!


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